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Cement Tiles Treatment - Care & Maintenance


Please note that this is not a complete guide to installation and maintenance but some advice on aspects which we, from our experience, have found to be particularly important.

The screed must be made at a lower level of about 18/20 mm from the finished surface for laying with high performance flexible tile adhesive. The substrate must be completely dry and clean. Evaporation of residual moisture in the screed can cause efflorescence or stains on the surface of the cement.

Perform the installation with adhesive fixing the tiles on the substrate with your hands, without hammering. The adhesive must be applied both on the back of the tile and on the screed evenly with a large toothed comb trowel, taking care to leave a gap of 1/2 mm between them. Cutting is with a stone disc, usually on a mini grinder or a wet saw. Before laying it is reccomended to apply a protective layer to facilitate the subsequent grouting and cleaning operations.

Use a pre-grouting treatment. If not, is essential to wet the floor well to reduce the absorption of the sealant. Remove the grout surplus immediately with a wet cloth or sponge. It is not possible to smooth the tiles afterwards. Any stains or excesses of grout must be removed as soon as possible with plenty of water and/or with Scotch-Brite scouring pads. It is advisable to plaster 3/4 square meters at a time and clean up immediately. For the final cleaning before the treatment, wash with a cloth or a mono-brush and a neutral detergent. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

Please note that sealing has to be performed before grouting, otherwise grout can penetrate the porous surface of the tiles. Before performing any solvent protection treatment, the floor must be completely dry and clean. Early treatment may stop the evaporation of residual moisture in the floor and cause stains on the surface.Make a first water-repellent depth treatment by applying two coats of water-repellent and after an anti-stain.For finishing and reviving the colors you can use liquid waxes or in glossy or satin paste.

For ordinary cleaning it is advisable to use a neutral soap. Do not use any acid or aggressive cleaners. A regular use of wax enhances the colors and protect the tiles. Stains can be cleaned with a scouring pad or solvent (white spirit). For special conditions such as public places or laying problems call us. Each cement tile is individually made and variations in color as well as pattern contours partly blurred are typical of the manufacturing process. These characteristics add to the tiles natural appeal and do not compromise performance.Pigments and salt present in the cement will deposit onto the surface of the tile. This produces a varied chalky look similar to limewash. The variations are particularly evident in solid color

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- Solvent based -
48,00 euro/lt


- Water based -
29,00 euro/lt

Satin Finish Wax

- Water based -
24,00 euro/lt

Solid Wax

24,00 euro/lt


- Water based -
25,00 euro/lt

Maintenance wax

- Water based -
16,00 euro/lt

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